More than 100 years of experience, service and know-how

SVK has been well-known as a manufacturer and distributor of building materials for over a century. At its home base in Sint-Niklaas, the family business manufactures a wide range of roof and façade cladding products such as façade panels, slates, facing bricks, corrugated sheets and architectonic concrete. Each and every one of these is of the same top quality. Quality that is the result of the SVK employees' know-how and enthusiasm and the reason why customers continue to return year after year.

One hundred years after its foundation, SVK has become a leader in its field, not only in Belgium but also in Europe and far beyond.

1905: the first steps

The history of SVK dates back to 1905. It was then that Léon Scheerders and his wife Camilla van Kerchove started a coal trade in Sint-Niklaas. While these activities peaked in the winter, the summer was predominantly a very slow period. In order to overcome the slow summer months, the couple quickly added building materials to their trading business. Shortly after, the very first bricks were produced. A success story was born...

100 years of growth and innovation

SVK grew at an amazing speed in the first half of the 20th century. In that period, the product range was expanding continuously. In 1907 they began manufacturing cement bricks, in 1922 fibre cement products and in 1939 facing bricks. Even after WW II, the company continued to develop revolutionary services and products. Milestones in this continuous search for innovation include:

  • 1947: fibre cement façade panelling (Decora) department
  • 1954: expansion with the manufacturing of precast bricks
  • 1970: distribution department for sales of additional materials
  • 1977: automatic production of moulds for slates and corrugated sheets
  • 1979: architectonic concrete department
  • 1990: new production line for materials in NT fibre cement
  • 1997: new line for the environmentally-friendly coating of fibre cement products
  • 2007: new, high-tech finishing line for fibre cement slates
  • 2009: new facing brick factory
  • 2010: new concrete plant for the architectonic concrete department
  • 2014: expansion of the façade panelling (Decora) department with a state-of-the-art sawing machine

Autonomous family business

More than 100 years have gone by since Léon and Camilla started their company in 1905. But the connection to those roots has never been lost. Today descendants of that founding family still work at SVK.

“New investments and a visionary outlook ensure that SVK is prepared for a future just as successful as its illustrious past.”