Mission & vision


SVK is a specialist in the manufacturing of sustainable façade and roofing materials in fibre cement for the international construction market. In addition, SVK offers a contemporary range of façade panelling.

Through the strategic deployment of enthusiastic and skilled employees, SVK succeeds in being a flexible partner for clients, manufacturers and dealers.

SVK ensures quality is a priority and, as part of this goal, strives for maximum customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

GIGANT is a separate department within the company which is specialised in manufacturing made-to-measure architectonic ornamental concrete in façade cladding, terraces and decorative elements. The focus is on large residential projects as well as commercial and industrial construction.


SVK strives to be a preferred partner to clients, manufacturers and dealers. By continuing to invest in fibre cement applications which stimulate the creativity of both the architect and the installer, SVK intends to expand in both the residential and non-residential market of (ventilated) façades and sloping roofs.